Courses Delivered by Accredited Trainers

Training is step 4 in our compliance cycle. It’s very important that your team understands your compliance policies and procedures, where to find the installed products and how to use and maintain them.

Akuna Services has a number of accredited trainers on staff. The team will consult with you to understand your circumstances and specific requirements. Our training courses cover a number of different environmental concerns. Courses can be tailored to suit your workplace, your team and your compliance policies.

Training Options

Content is delivered in various formats depending on the course. For classroom style training we utilise presentations with video content, quizzes and, if possible, actual product demonstration. All formats include informal question and answer opportunities. If required, we will also incorporate reference to your policies and procedures and identify site specific locations of your installed environmental compliance products.

We understand that every business has unique requirements. Below our some standard training options. If you have training requirements not represented here, don’t hesitate to contact us.