Over the past year or so our articles and blogs have explored the many varied concepts, issues and conundrums that industrial and construction sites may face in their environmental management, storm water protection and spill response. We have touched on absorbents and spill kits, containment and confinement, risk identification and mitigation and training and procedure.

But for just a moment I want to delve into exactly who we are. What is that awards Akuna services credibility within the environmental space? Why would you (and why should you) take heed to any articles or opinions expressed through a website?

I believe that identification is as important as business strategies and philosophies. Companies, through their strategies and commercial ethics, can fall into moral classes.

So who exactly IS Akuna Services? Are we corporate takers, givers or protectors?

Rather than extol the virtues of an entity represented largely through electronic media, let’s get personal. Let’s rip open the mystique that is the personas of those offering the service and advice. I want you, our readers, to know us, personally. 


Because the answer to corporate credibility lies not within a glossy brochure or flashy website, but within a combination of practicality, resource, formal qualification and (most importantly) experience.

The team at Akuna Services enjoys combined experience in spill risk mitigation and product supply of over 30 years.  For a small team is this not impressive?

Our service technician, Craig James, is known personally on over 150 sites across the greater Sydney metro area and surrounds.  Many of these are blue chip industrials where environmental site compliance is a key driver for site operations.  Craig’s devotion to spill response products enables his passion for client support, and allows customers a unique comfort in the knowledge  that Craig, and Akuna Services, will be there for them.

Our Director, Paul Twynham, has experience spanning over 18 years in water treatment and environmental engineering.  Paul’s support offers Akuna Services a corporate presence and ongoing quality control that is the envy of other manufacturers in the environmental arena.

Whilst relatively new to the Akuna team, Rachel Kelly in the role of sales support and customer service has added a whole new dimension to Akuna services offering.  Rachel has an undying passion for people, and her caring nature combined with her personable intellect and paralegal experience lends support in the Akuna office to ensure clients are uniquely cared for and nurtured through all transactions with the business.

At the customer service helm is Warren Ratliff, Akuna Services General Manager.  With formal qualifications in WHS, environmental auditing and workplace training, Warren offers the formal qualifications for advice, with the practicality of having seen it all before.  His 7 years in the environmental industry, combined with his passion for customer service and unique practicality enables clients to find solutions – not simply buy products.

So, where does that leave Akuna Services as an identity?

We like to believe we fall into the ‘protector’ category, with a healthy mix of ‘givers’ in our mix. We like to offer solutions where others offer shelf products.

But we want you to put us to the test.

Call Akuna services to talk about specific site issued faced in your business, and make the call for yourself.