Water treatment plants will, subject to use and frequency, create a significant amount of waste for disposal.  The waste is often in the form of sludge that accumulates through the systematic filtration of the water and is channelled into dedicated sludge tanks.

The removal of sludge from these sludge tanks creates an environmental challenge for the operator of the water treatment plant.

Recently Akuna Services were invited to offer assistance in the optimisation of a water treatment plant – for sludge removal.  The treatment plant is currently serviced fortnightly, at significant expense to the client, and to minimise costs Akuna Services suggested dewatering bags, strategically installed at the outlet of the sludge tank, as a potential solution.

Click here to view the video which shows the result of a trial run with our client.

The liquid entering the bag is from the bottom of a sludge tank and under gravity feed the bag is removing solids from the water for further treatment in the DAF and re-use.

The inflation of the bag is in side guidelines and comprises water and solids.  The resulting cleaner water will prolong the cycles of the water treatment plant and reduce costs significantly.

Further containment is being achieved through the use of a Portable Collapsible Bund in which the skip bin is placed.  A submersible pump is removing the ‘cleaned’ waste water for re-use.