Bunded Pallets

Bunded pallets are sometimes also called spill pallets, spill containment pallet or portable bunding. They are a cost effective and flexible spill control product designed to hold containers that carry hazardous liquids. They are generally used for the safe storage and transport of drums and IBCs. The idea is that, if a container on the pallet was to leak, the spill would be contained in the spill pallet and therefore not reach the surrounding environment. The liquid contained in the spill pallet could then be recovered.

Who needs bunded pallets?

Generally anyone storing liquids that are harmful to the environment. If you do not have a permanent bunding solution for containers including drums and IBCs, it’s possible you could use bunded pallets.

If you are looking to move and therefore temporarily store liquids, a bunded pallet may be helpful during the transfer.

For more information on the requirements of bunding consult the following standards:

Australian Standard AS1940:2004 – The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids
Australian Standards AS 4452B1:1997 – The Storage and Handling of Toxic Substances
Dangerous Goods Act 1975

What sizes do bunded pallets come in?

Bunded pallets come in various sizes and configurations to suit the size of the containers that will be situated on the bunded pallet. Generally speaking they are sized for 205L drums and IBCs.

The part of the bunded pallet that will capture the spilled or leaked liquid is called the sump. The capacity of the sump is important in making a proper choice. The sump should be able to contain slightly more than the contents of the largest container on the bunded pallet.

Where do you use bunded pallets?

Where you use your spill pallet will depend on how the liquids on the pallet must be treated for their safe storage requirements. Bunded pallets can be used indoors or out. The pallets we offer have been designed to be easy to move with a forklift. You can house them inside a warehouse, shed or specialised containment structure. They can also be left outdoors.

It’s important to note that if your pallet will be left outdoors, rain could fill up the sump. This would take up the space where the spill would be captured. If you have rain in your bunded pallet it can no longer effectively handle a spill or leak. For this reason a bunded pallet cover should be used to keep the rain from collecting in your spill pallet.