Fuel transfer areas are very typical, especially when fuel tanks are housed on sites where heavy equipment is being used. Compliance of these fuel transfer areas can be tricky. It’s important to consider how to stop spills and what materials the spills are coming into contact with.

The Problem

During a regular compliance audit it was noted that there were spills occurring on the ashphalt in front of a diesel tank. While the tank was bunded and compliant, the spills during fuel transfers had to be addressed.

The customer contacted Akuna Services. We did a site visit to assess the situation. It was ascertained the transfer area needed to be secured so contaminants would not leach into the ground.

The Solution

Seal the area and the ground. This facilitated spill capture and easy clean up while preventing contaminants from reaching the environment.

Bunded Fuel Transfer area using aluminium floor bund and XR5 liner
  • The fuel transfer area was bunded with aluminium floor bund. The bunded transfer area would be 3 sided, sealed back to the concrete wall of the tank bund.
  • A geomembrane ground sheet was installed to cover the ashpalt. This liner extended to the outer edge of the Aluminium Floor Bunding, creating a 6 metre x 6 metre sealed fuel transfer area that prevented any fuel or chemical spill from leaching into the sub soil, and eventually into our waterways.

Products & Features

Aluminium floor bund utilising special fasteners for asphalt. This heavy duty bunding was chosen because it could handle the high frequency of heavy equipment that would be driving into the transfer area.

XR5 geomembrane was specifically chosen for it’s durability and impermeability to diesel. We also use this material to make our heavy duty collapsible bunds.