Bunding consists of a wall or embankment forming part, or all, of the perimeter of a compound. A bunded area is designed to contain leaks and spills and is crucial to facilitating cleanups. A hazardous materials spill within a manageable area is much easier and quicker to clean up.

There are many types of bunding products that may be required for businesses with warehouses or workshops where chemicals are stored or decanted. Bunding can also be placed around equipment that might leak during operation. While part of a liquid spill containment system, there are also a number of other important benefits when a bunded area is established.

Bunding protects the environment

The main purpose of bunding is to prevent environmental damage by providing containment areas for liquids that could cause pollution and create an environmental hazard if spilt.

Bunding also acts as a stopper, so if there are any leaks, the damage is contained to a small area, can be easily neutralised and the leaked liquid can be reused to responsibly disposed of.

Bunding protects against firewater

When you add bunding to your storage area, you can keep flammable substances within small areas, limiting the possible exposure to contaminated firewater and therefore reducing the risk of significant damage to the surrounding environment.

Bunding protects your employees

Bunding provides employees with clear visual alerts to help prevent accidents. It also acts as additional security in storage facilities to ensure the safety of workers.

Bunding and Australian Standards

Bunding should be a permanent part of liquid storage and spill control at your facility. Managing the handling of chemical, flammable or hazardous liquids will reduce the risk of significant damage to your business, the environment and people in the event of a leak or spill. It is important to use high quality bunding in a way that achieves compliance in accordance with Australian Standards AS1940:2004 – The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids, and AS 4452:1997 – The Storage and Handling of Toxic Substances and the Dangerous Goods Act 1975.

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