The Compliance Cycle – Step 3

Purchasing and installation of products.

installation of a containment boom as part of step 3 - purchasing and installing environmental compliance products

Before getting to installation, you have determined your site hazards and risks and worked out the steps to take to mitigate these risks associated with your site operations and environment (as identified and acknowledged in the first two steps).

Using the compliance action plan, your team will now move on to Step 3 of the  Compliance Cycle – implementing the strategy by purchasing products and having them installed. The team at Akuna Services finds this is sometimes daunting for clients. Depending on what you need, finding the right products without advice and then trying to install them without assistance can be problematic and frustrating.

You have identified products and services that are available to assist in environmental risk mitigation. Your procurement team have sourced the best products and services – with funds available from your environmental or safety budget – and it is now time to install those products.

What can go wrong?

Without professional guidance the following issues may arise:

  • Delays – they can happen for many reasons. The most common are lack of site preparation, bad weather, delayed deliveries, lack of equipment availability, lost time for visitor inductions.
  • Damage to assets – if an expert is not installing products it’s possible that property and/or assets could be damaged during the installation process.
  • Wrong product – Off the shelf fixes, whilst convenient, may not be your best solution. Tweaks or custom designs may be necessary to accommodate sizing, surfaces or loads.
  • Failures – improper installations can create product failures resulting in noncompliance that can lead to penalties.
  • On-the-fly changes – it can happen that conditions have changed since planning. There are also occasions when installations create new hazards or risks that weren’t expected.
  • Blowing the budget – any of the above will incur additional costs and put you over budget.

Ensure successful installation of your environmental compliance products

Always look deeper than the immediate risk to ensure that the right product and the best possible installation is engaged in your solution.  Coordinating both purchases and installations with Akuna Services will ensure you stay on time and within budget. Our team has the experience that will ensure you avoid costly delays, inappropriate purchases, damages and surprises.