Site Compliance Made Easy!

Environmental compliance can seem daunting. Sifting through legislation, preparing for an audit, training staff, sourcing and installing products. It can be hard to stay on top of it all!

Our team is here to help. Site Compliance Made Easy! We have many years of experience in a broad range of sectors and offer a practical and clear approach to achieving environmental compliance. We call it the compliance cycle, and it works.

Let’s break it down and have a closer look:

Environmental Site Compliance Cycle - Step 1 - Assessment

An assessment allows us to visit your site to identify your existing and potential risks. It will also give us the best opportunity to learn about your workplace, your team and your requirements. During this visit we will assess your stormwater management practices and spill response preparedness and review your environmental policies and procedures.

Environmental Site Compliance Cycle - Step 2 - Action Plan

After a risk assessment, we will prepare a written report. In this report, we will explain your compliance requirements, outline our findings and provide recommendations. Our report will also include a customised action plan to help you achieve environmental compliance.

Environmental Site Compliance Cycle - Step 3 - Installation

Once we know your site requirements, our team can provide quotes for product purchase and installation. Our experienced team has access to solutions that have proven to be effective, reliable and good value. We will coordinate product delivery, setup and/or installation. All you have to do is check them off your list!

Environmental Site Compliance Cycle - Step 4 - Training

It’s very important that your team understands your environmental compliance policies, spill response procedures, where to find the installed products and how to use and maintain them. Akuna Services has a number of accredited trainers on staff delivering dynamic customised content uitilising multi-media, workplace specific scenarios and product demonstrations.

Environmental Site Compliance Cycle - Step 5 - Inspection and Maintenance

Implementing servicing and maintenance programs ensures you proactively maintain continuous compliance. By partnering with Akuna Services, you will free up staff from this obligation and be assured an expert is assisting your team. Typically most companies need spill kits maintained and various stormwater management practices managed, but we can help with a wide range of compliance maintenance.