Environmental Solutions – Construction Industry Considerations

environmental solutions - construction - urban construction site

Akuna Services understands your requirements for environmental solutions – construction and road maintenance operations are under ever increasing scrutiny. Environmental compliance on construction sites is no longer a simple matter of having a spill kit, then hoping nothing enters the drains. Take action to prepare for the risks faced on site.

Protection of stormwater drains has emerged as a major priority for any construction site.  Control of oils, fuels and hydrocarbons and, increasingly, the prevention of silt, sediment and debris is important. The need to prevent these contaminants from entering waterways has seen the introduction of Environmental Managers on many projects. We all have responsibility to ensure that only rain water enters stormwater drains and waterways on their construction site. Akuna Services is able to assist in understanding and solving these issues with environmental solutions – construction sites can be fully compliant if you consider all of the risks.

Issues commonly faced on construction sites include:

Liquid storage

These should be bunded to contain potential leaks and spills, plus they should be covered to prevent rain water filling the bund.

Liquid transfers

Splashes and spills of hazardous substances can occur during transfer from tanks and IBC’s.

Standardisation of environmental practices

Construction sites often have various types of product across multiple sites. We can assist in multi site standardisation of environmental practices, products and services to assist in overall environmental compliance.

Stormwater drain protection

Only rain water should enter the drains, and drain pit protection is important. Silt & sediment run off should be controlled from excavation and construction operations.

Standing water on site

Removal of silt and sediment from water is an issue faced by construction sites after rain events. Dewatering / sludge bags and filter bags are used for the removal of particulate from waste water.

Storage of equipment and containers

On site field storage of plant, such as generators, portable hydraulic equipment, fuel tanks, oil cans and more. These should have a suitable containment or absorbent product to prevent ground water pollution.

Spill response

Every construction site faces spill risks from vehicles. Operations of hydraulic equipment and vehicles create spill risks. Spill kits should be present in close proximity – stocked and ready for an incident.


All operational staff and supervisors should be trained in the environmental products that they may need to use to respond to or prevent a spill.

We understand the risks facing organisations within your industry. Our team can ensure you choose the appropriate product, training and service solutions to help you achieve environmental compliance and protect our environment.