Environmental Solutions – Councils & Work Depots

environmental solutions - depot - working on heavy equipment

Akuna Services understands your requirements for environmental solutions – councils & work depots face many environmental challenges.

Local Area Councils (LAC) and regional councils have responsibility to not only protect the environmental within their constituency, but also to enforce environmental performance of businesses within their areas. Many councils set the standard for the areas, and they fall under the same regulations as those imposed on local business.

Council depots are an important part of council operations, and through their operations, can face significant environmental risk. Akuna Services understands the issues faced by councils, and our trainers have been training council staff in spill response for several years.

Issues commonly faced by council and other work depots:

Spill clean up

Depot workshop areas are a common source for oil and fuel spills. We can assess the risk and suggest products and services to assist with compliance in these areas.

Equipment storage sheds and covered areas by their nature also house fuels, oils and cleaning chemicals.  These areas in depots present a major risk of spill pollution.

Weed control in waterways

The spread of noxious weeds in council waterways is a growing problem for many councils across Australia, particularly in warmer areas. Using a suitable weed or debris boom to control the spread of surface weeds, councils and land operators are able to effectively manage the waterways to keep the water flowing freely.

Debris in waterways

Leaf litter and debris on land and in waterways creates a pollution issue for many council areas. Trash bags and debris nets are an effective measure to help clean up waterways or outfall areas from pollution.

Spill response

Work vehicles including sweepers, cleaners, rubbish collection or utility vehicles are important for community road maintenance and property services, and are often the cause of, or the first responders to, a spill incident on the streets. Spill kits and training are an integral part of compliance, and Akuna Services can help recommend mobile products for protecting the environment.

Stormwater drain protection

Bulk stores for aggregates, sand and other materials cause run off into stormwater drains, which then enter our waterways. Stormwater drain protection is a critical part of environmental compliance. We offer site assessments and recommendations for drain protection in different areas of council operations.


Ongoing training is a requirement of many councils, to ensure all staff is kept up to date with all facets of council operations. Akuna Services will train council staff in best practice for spill response and how to best use environmental products. We can also train in EPA licence regulations, or customise a course for specific environmental related issues.

We understand the risks facing organisations within your industry. Our team can ensure you choose the appropriate product, training and service solutions to help you achieve environmental compliance and protect our environment.