Environmental Solutions – Industrial Operations

The term Industrial covers a broad range of businesses including agriculture, construction, fisheries, forestry, and manufacturing. Industrial segments in Australia and New Zealand face many unique environmental challenges.  Industrial operations may be indoors or outdoors, near a waterway or a sensitive environmental area and may utilise large scale facilities. The diverse nature of operations often means that a specific issue on multiple sites may require different solutions – for what appears to be the same problem.

Akuna Services is able to assist in understanding and solving these issues with environmental solutions – industrial operations can be fully compliant if all risks are considered.

Environmental risks that may commonly occur on industrial sites include:

Preparing for spills

Spills from machinery operations involving the use of chemicals, oils or fuels should be considered. All dangerous goods have specific regulations and there should be procedures and products in close proximity to respond to or prevent spills.

Spills from delivery or service vehicles can cause storm water pollution, but the risk can be mitigated through correct products and procedures.

Identify spill risks

Workshop areas are a common source for oil and fuel spills. We can assess the risk and suggest products and services to assist with compliance in these areas.

Spill kit inspection and maintenance

Responsibility for the upkeep of spill kits and absorbents can be a burden on staff, yet it is an important part of your environmental compliance. We offer services where we can visit your site to remove the hassle of looking after your spill kits and ensure you always have sufficient absorbent stock to respond to a spill.

Spill response training

Training in spill response and environmental operations is critical for compliance. Ask yourself if all your operators know how to use a spill kit, how to identify different types of spill kits and when to use different products.  If unsure, we can assist through our training courses – delivered by a Cert IV qualified trainer.

Identify stormwater pollution risks

Stormwater drain protection across your site should be closely guarded – only rain water should enter the drains. Spills and general debris can cause environmental pollution if allowed to enter drains.  We can provide protection from non compliance in your drains.

Stormwater protection

Stormwater drain protection is a critical part of environmental compliance. We offer site assessments and recommendations for specific risks in different areas of industrial operations. Products are varied to suit the type of contaminant that may enter the pit.

We understand the risks facing organisations within your industry. Our team can ensure you choose the appropriate product, training and service solutions to help you achieve environmental compliance and protect our environment.