Environmental Solutions – Manufacturing Industry

environmental solutions - manufacturing - inside processing plant, risk of hazardous chemical spill

Manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand, regardless of their size, face significant environmental compliance regulations.  Similar issues arise across different sites. It is critical, regardless of the size of the operation, to comply with requirements across your organisation.

Because manufacturing is a broad term for a sector that includes many varrying types of businesses, environmental compliance requirements can vary greatly. Akuna Services is able to assist in understanding and solving these issues with environmental solutions – manufacturring operations can be fully compliant if all risks are considered.

Issues commonly faced by manufacturers:

Dangerous goods handling and storage

Manufacturing operations involve the use of dangerous goods and liquids, whether in the procedures or their logistics.  We offer products and services to assist with environmental requirements for dangerous goods.

Identify non-compliance risks

Site environmental compliance audits are an ongoing concern for most businesses. We offer a pre-audit inspection to visit your site before the audit, then make recommendations to help your business shine in an environmental audit.

Stormwater drain protection

Transport and logistics can present risk of spills of chemicals or dangerous goods. Loading docks often see large volumes of liquid transfers.

Spill response training

Spill Response training is an important part of site compliance. Do your staff know how to respond to a spill?  How to recognize risks, then identify and use the correct absorbent product to best clean up a spill?

Spill kit inspection and maintenance

The upkeep of spill kits and absorbents can be a burden on staff, and a hassle for management, yet it is an important part of your environmental compliance. We offer spill kit servicing programs where we will visit your site to ensure your spill kits are up to date and fully stocked.  Always be ready for a spill incident.

We understand the risks facing organisations within your industry. Our team can ensure you choose the appropriate product, training and service solutions to help you achieve environmental compliance and protect our environment.