Environmental Solutions – Transport, Logistics & Docks

Akuna Services understands your requirements for environmental solutions – transport related businesses face many environmental challenges. With constant vehicle traffic and hydraulic equipment used in operations, there is a potential risk for spills of hazardous substances to end up in the stormwater system or other environmentally sensitive areas.

Port operations are usually in proximity to open waterways, and spills can have dire consequences.

These risks require both preventative measures and spill response preparedness. Take action to prepare for the risks in order to maintain your environmental compliance. Akuna Services is able to assist in understanding and solving these issues with environmental solutions – transport, logistics and port operations can be fully compliant if all the risks are considered.

Issues commonly faced on by the transport industry:

Liquid storage

These should be bunded to contain potential leaks and spills, plus they should be covered to prevent rain water filling the bund.

Liquid transfers

Loading docks face a large volume of vehicle movement, and potentially liquid transfers.  These areas should be protected by spill kits in close proximity.

Battery Acid

Forklift charging areas, where acid from batteries can spill during the charging process, potentially causing pollution.

Wash Bays

Vehicle wash bays and wash down areas present a unique mix of environmental risk, and waste water from the washing of vehicles should be directed through a separator.  These areas should be fully bunded, with spill kits in close proximity.

Spill response

Operations of hydraulic equipment and vehicles create spill risks. Spill kits should be present in close proximity – stocked and ready for an incident.


Many logistics sites store and handle dangerous goods.  The risk of spills is ever present, and environmental policy should include procedures around prevention of spills and spill response. All operational staff and supervisors should be trained in the environmental products that they may need to use to respond to or prevent a spill.

We understand the risks facing organisations within your industry. Our team can ensure you choose the appropriate product, training and service solutions to help you achieve environmental compliance and protect our environment.