Environmental Solutions – Utilities & Energy

environmental solutions - utilities and energy - water treatment plant

Akuna Services understands your requirements for environmental solutions – utilities and energy operations have unique environmental challenges. We can assist you in understanding and solving these issues with environmental solutions – utilities and energy operations can be fully compliant if all risks are considered.

Issues commonly faced by the utilities and energy sector:

Liquids and dangerous goods

All containers of liquids and other dangerous goods pose a contamination risk. There are legislated standards and precautions for proper handling and storage.

Spill clean up

Workshop areas are a common source for oil and fuel spills. We can assess the risk and suggest products and services to assist with compliance in these areas.

Equipment storage sheds and covered areas by their nature also house fuels, oils and cleaning chemicals.  These areas present a major risk of spill pollution.

Spill response

Wherever vehicles are in operation or stored there should be spill response measures in place. Spill kits and spill response training are an integral part of compliance, and Akuna Services can help recommend mobile products for protecting the environment.

Equipment storage

Generators used in field operations, fuel tanks stored in the field or hydraulic equipment requires containment and spill control measures to ensure no spill pollution.  We can help with temporary storage, absorption or containment solutions for mobile plant.

Settling pond management

Flows within settling ponds and tanks can be cost effectively managed with floating baffles.


Spill Response training is an important part of site compliance.  Do your staff know how to respond to a spill?  How to recognize risks, then identify and use the correct absorbent product to best clean up a spill?

We understand the risks facing organisations within your industry. Our team can ensure you choose the appropriate product, training and service solutions to help you achieve environmental compliance and protect our environment.