Floor Bunding

Floor bunding is used to create a bunded area by constructing low retaining walls. They can be built around hazardous storage areas, decanting zones or wash bays. The material the bund is manufactured from can be an important part of choosing the right floor bunding.

Bunded areas helps prevent hazardous substances, which are normally handled, processed and stored from contaminating any places in the surrounding area in the event of a spill or leak. Akuna aims to cater for a wide variety of applications which require high quality, practical, and secure floor bunding.

There are two main regulations to review to ensure you achieve compliance with Australian Standards:

  • Australian Standard AS1940:2004 – The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • Australian Standards AS4452:1997 – The Storage and Handling of Toxic Substances
  • Dangerous Goods Act 1975

What can floor bunding be used for?

Floor bunding is used anywhere you need to prevent contaminated liquid from causing pollution. The bunding adheres to the floor and creates a perfectly sealed area so hazardous liquids such as hydrocarbons, fertilizers, cleaning agents and polluted water cannot spill or leak into the surrounding areas. The idea is to prevent contaminants from reaching waterways including the stormwater system

What does floor bunding consist of?

The term ‘bund’ is defined as an embankment or wall which may form part, or all, of the perimeter of a compound. In order to create a sealed area you would install the lengths of bunding using fasteners and sealant adhesive. It’s important to properly seal joints including the parts affixed to existing structures.

What types of floor bunding are there?

There are a number of materials that can be used to create a floor bund. The choice of material will depend durability, the type of traffic going over the bund, the drive over frequency, if it’s installed indoors or out, the types of liquids it will come in contact with and your budget.

To ensure we can meet the requirements for a wide variety of applications, we supply hard foam, PVC filled with memory foam, rubber and aluminium floor bunding.

Where can my floor bunding be applied?

It can be used in wash bays, transport depots, manufacturing and processing areas, warehouses and workshops. It’s best to install on a smooth surface such as concrete. Generally the bunding is easy to install.