Your site may have spill kits – for compliance – but who knows how to use them?

Site compliance on an industrial or commercial site can be a complicated and tedious issue.  Environmental training is available to address different issues, but often the simplest Spill Kit Training is overlooked, and your site may be at risk.

Having a spill kit, containment bunding and/or various absorbents on the site is certainly to be applauded.  It can cover you for product requirements and may help contain any potential spills – should they happen.

But the knowledge of how to use a spill kit and the absorbent products is often overlooked, and when an incident does occur, a general panic sets in.  The unfortunate consequence can be storm water pollution.

people in classroom for spill response training

You can sum up the response to most spills in 7 steps:

  1. Assess the risk and apply the right personal protection equipment
  2. Stop the leak
  3. Confine the spill
  4. Absorb the spilled liquid
  5. Clean down equipment and final site clean up
  6. Dispose of contaminated waste
  7. Report the spill

Following these basic steps can simplify a spill response, if done correctly. Knowing how to use the spill kit contents will improve your spill response preparedness. This can be problematic.  In fact, just choosing the correct spill kit for a clean up may also offer challenges.

spill response products

What are the spill kit contents?

Spill kit contents will generally include different products, according to the type of spill kit, the size of the spill kits and the manufacturer. They should be suited to a specific area, risk or situation, and you should seek help to ensure you have the right spill kits in the right areas on your site. Generally speaking, the spill kit will contain:

  • Absorbent booms
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Absorbent Pillows
  • Granular Absorbent (also known as floor sweep or Kitty Litter)
  • Contaminated waste disposal bags
  • Clean up wipes

So, the obvious question, is your staff trained in the use of your site spill kits?

Don’t risk non compliance. Contact Akuna Services to arrange your spill response training.