spill kit sign on wall showing you where to find a spill kit

Environmental protection is mandatory across all types of fields and industries, with local and state governments regulating site compliance. Spill kits have an important role in ensuring these government standards are adhered to in the workplace.

What is a spill kit?

While these can vary depending on business needs, a spill kit is generally comprised of a container that is filled with a range of products such as gloves, a selection of absorbent materials / loose absorbents and several contaminated waste bags. Your spill kit contents can be customised to individual business needs based on factors such as location, the spill type and expected volume of the spill.

Why is having a spill kit on site crucial for environmental protection?

Spill kits are specifically designed for prevention, control and to clean up contaminant spills, to stop any harm to the environment before it occurs. There’s a danger that without adequate environmental protection measures available that spilled contaminants could soak into the ground or feed into a waterway or stormwater system.

Some of the many applications your spill kit contents may be used for include:

  • Keeping a spill confined to stop it from travelling
  • Drawing spilled contaminants from water catchments of any kind
  • Absorption of released liquid contaminants
  • Placing product proactively in order to capture potential leaks or spills

What types of spills or leaks are spill kit contents suitable for?

Depending on the type of spill response kit used by your industry, spill kit contents can be used to capture or contain spills or leaks resulting from:

  • Ruptured containers
  • Containers that have tipped over or knocked over
  • Any leaks or spills that result from dispensing
  • Equipment leaks that are caused from wear-and-tear
  • Leaks during equipment repairs or maintenance

It is possible to keep an area secured when liquids are about to be released by strategically placing product in order to isolate  and contain the potential spill.

Where should you keep your spill response kit?

Your spill response kit needs to be in close proximity to high-risk areas, where there’s a danger of spills or leaks occurring. It’s vital that your spill kit contents are in easy access to protect the environment, staff and your assets.

How to Clean Up a Spill

Before you try to contain a spill of any kind, you initially need to ensure you are wearing appropriate personal protection equipment as safety comes first.

Depending on the type of leak or spill you are experiencing onsite or in the workplace, try to plug it or stop it at its source.

Use the absorbent materials in your spill response kit to contain the leak or spill from spreading and reaching stormwater drains or spreading out in local waterways.

If the leak or spill is on the floor use a broom to sweep over the spill several times so that all the contaminants are swept onto the absorbent materials.

Find some wipes and use these to clean up the remainder of the spill or leak that hasn’t been absorbed. Once you’ve finished cleaning up the spill also clean your hands, equipment or machinery with these.

Collect all of the saturated materials that have been used to contain and clean up the spill and make sure these are disposed of following local and state government waste management guidelines for that specific type of spill.

Make sure to fill in a Spill report outlining how the spill occurred and what were the effects. In your next company safety meeting discuss ways of avoiding a future spill or if there are other alternatives to be used in conjunction with a spill response kit to contain the spill or leak faster to avoid further environmental impact.

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