Loose Absorbents

Loose absorbents are also referred to as floor sweep. They are typically granular textured and come in a bag or pail. Loose absorbents are typically found in medium to large sized spill kits.Once a spill has been controlled or dammed, floor sweep is a possible option to soak up the spill.

SpilMax offers a broad range of floor sweeps made from organic cellulose material. SpilMax floor sweeps encapsulate the liquid rather than simply absorbing it. When used correctly, the SpilMax loose absorbents meet the EPA criteria for disposal at land fill. They are safe to dispose of in landfills since they will not leach contaminants back into the environment.

What are the types of loose absorbents?

Loose absorbents are made from many types of natural materials. When choosing a floor sweep it’s important to consider:

  • where the spill is likely to occur (indoors or out)
  • what type of liquid you will need to absorb
  • if the spill is on a hard surface or on exposed ground or soil

Each type of floor sweep has different suitability. For instance, if you will be cleaning up a spill primarily outdoors in a usually windy area, you will want to choose a floor sweep that is less likely to blow away. A loose absorbent can also be chosen based on the liquid you need to absorb. Some materials are more suited to hydrocarbons while others are better for chemicals. All of our absorbents will also absorb water.

Once you have used a loose absorbent be sure to dispose of it responsibly.