Before you read this article, we would like you to consider a philosophical question.  OR it may be an ethical one – depending upon your view.

How important to you, personally, is protection of the environment?

Rate it in importance from 1 (who cares) to 5 (very important to you).

If you rated a ‘5’, now ask yourself what have YOU done, personally, to contribute to environmental protection.

Do you recycle?

Use a re-useable coffee cup – a keep-cup? Take your own shopping bags to the supermarket?

All these are great personal initiatives and you should feel deservedly proud.

But what about in your workplace?

How does your personal approach stack up with that of your employer (or PCBU in these heady days of Work health safety).

Perhaps the rating may change if you were to answer on behalf of your workplace.  It is true that an individual can make a difference, but when a group of individuals (say… a workplace) collectively hold the inherent shyness to not want to stand out, then the individuality of your philosophy goes out the window.

Is it easier to hose an oil spill down the drain rather than use the workplace spill absorbents to clean the spill correctly?

Is it easier to throw soil or dirt over a spill rather than use a spill kit to clean the spill?

When you have used the right absorbent to clean up an oil spill, is it easier to throw it in the rubbish bin than to use a contaminated waste service?

Would you do any of these at your home?

How’s that rating looking now?

Workplace environmental controls come in a wide range of strategies, policies and procedures.  Your workplace, to be environmentally responsible (and compliant) will keep in stock a range of suitable products to mitigate the risk of spills in the workplace.

Not to mention the ongoing management and maintenance of the products.  What about training in correct spill response?

Whilst your personal ambitions toward a sustainable environment may be strong (maybe a 5), take a moment to look objectively at your workplace.

One person can (and does) make a difference.

Talk to Akuna Services to discuss your rating – personally and professionally.