Portable Collapsible Bunds

Portable collapsible bunds are used to help capture spills on construction and building sites.

How does portable collapsible bunding work?

Portable collapsible bunding is frequently used to temporarily store liquid carriers, like drums, securely and safely to avoid spills and contain hazardous materials.

You can put equipment such as generators, or transformers into these bunds. Often they are used on a work site to ensure leaks from equipment are captured.
The bunds also help our customers achieve compliance with AS 1940-2004, which covers the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.

The portable collapsible bunding contains the spill or leak, assisting in the clean up process and stopping the contaminant from spilling into nearby ground or water systems.

What sizes are available for portable collapsible bunding

You can advise us of your size requirements and we will build your portable collapsible bunding to match your needs. You can choose from a range of materials to ensure your portable collapsible bunding is built to the standard you need for any range of chemical requirements.

What industries is our portable collapsible bunding used it?

Our portable collapsible bunding is often used in the mining, oil and gas, or other industrial fields, to help contain a range of hazardous spills.

What are the advantages of portable collapsible bunding?

There are a number of advantages to our portable collapsible bunding, including the fact its cost effective, completely portable, can be used in a range of environments, is easy to assemble and deploy and simple to clean.

Our portable collapsible bunding is also made to help achieve compliance to AS 1940-2004, for the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.

Thanks to its durable and heavy-duty design, our bunding is also sturdy enough to withstand regular and long-term use.