Wet areas pose severe risks to workers and create a slip hazard. Solving the problem can be as simple as restricting or controlling the liquid. Rubber floor bunding is an economical solution that’s easy to install. This floor bunding was used in a food packaging facility.

The Problem

Waste wash water was spreading into the pathway of workers in a wash down area. Being a severe workplace health and safety issue, Akuna Services was called in to do a site visit.

The Solution

After completing the visit and risk assessment, rubber floor bunding was recommended. Since there was no proper built-in drainage, waste wash water was ending up on the floor during a conveyor process of cleaning trays. The slip hazard was to be remedied by stopping the spread of the water under the conveyor and around the wash area. The floor bunding would also hold the waste water for diversion.

rubber floor bunding installed in food packaging facililty to prevent a slip hazard

Products & Features

Rubber Floor Bunding

Rubber Floor Bunding is and ideal solution where there is minimal vehicle or equipment traffic over the bund. It’s cost effective and relatively easy to install.


The Workplace H&S issue of a slip hazard was remedied. The floor bunding kept the trafficked areas dry.