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Akuna Class 2 Silt Curtain , also known as a turbidity curtain, is a specialised environmental protection barrier used in construction, dredging, and shoreline projects near water bodies. Its primary purpose is to prevent the spread of silt, sediment, fine particles, and contaminants into adjacent waterways, thereby safeguarding water quality and aquatic ecosystems. 


Key Features:

  1. Excellent Quality Tested by Industry Australian Made Silt Curtains crafted from robust materials. Made to last and withstand harsh weather conditions.
  2. High-Efficiency Filtration: Designed to trap and contain sediment, silt, and fine particles suspended in water, our Silt Curtain prevents their release into surrounding water bodies.
  3. Quick Deployment: With easy setup and installation, our curtains allow for swift deployment, ensuring minimal disruption to project timelines.
  4. Buoyant: These silt curtains have buoyant components that keep them afloat, creating a vertical barrier in the water column to contain suspended particles.
  5. Customised Solutions: We understand that each project is unique. Our Silt Curtains come in various sizes and configurations to match the specific requirements of your job site.


Common Applications:

  • Construction Sites: Prevent sediment runoff and contamination of adjacent water bodies during construction or infrastructure development projects.
  • Dredging Operations: Contain and manage silt and sediment disturbed during dredging activities, preserving water quality.
  • Shoreline Protection: Safeguard shorelines from erosion and sediment displacement caused by wave action and water currents.
  • Bridge Construction: Ensure that bridge construction projects do not compromise water quality and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Waterway Maintenance: Use our curtains for routine maintenance and cleaning of waterways without causing further pollution.


Specifications: 20mL, 2m 260gsm NW-Geo Skirt, 100mm x 100mm Float, 400gsm PVC, 6mm Chain


These curtains play a crucial role in preserving the health of aquatic ecosystems and water bodies during various industrial activities. 



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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 140.0 × 60.0 × 60.0 cm

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