Flexible Floor Bunding 90° Corner Join

$104.50 (inc. GST)


The Flexible Floor Bunding 90° Corner Join is designed specifically for Flexible Floor Bunding, enabling the easy creation of precise 90-degree corners. It ensures a seamless and secure connection, enhancing the overall functionality of the bunding system.


Key Features:

  1. Robust PVC Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty 900gsm yellow PVC, known for its robustness and commendable resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
  2. Bespoke Solutions: Flexibility to create custom bunding solutions using alternative geomembrane fabrics when PVC is not suitable for specific chemicals.
  3. Secure Affixation: Our bunding system is securely affixed to a sealed surface using adhesive. This dual-purpose fixation not only keeps the bunding firmly in place but also acts as a barrier, preventing the passage of liquids beneath it.
  4. Triangular Profile Design: The ingenious triangular profile design allows the bunding to collapse effortlessly under the weight of passing vehicles, swiftly returning to its original shape once the vehicle has traversed.
  5. Versatile Foam Component: The foam component can compress underfoot, making it versatile for various applications.
  6. Enhanced Containment Capacity: Standardizing at a height of 75mm, our PVC drive-over bunding delivers enhanced containment capacity even for smaller footprints, effectively safeguarding your premises against spills and leaks.


Common Applications:

  1. Industrial Facilities: Suitable for various industrial settings to contain spills and prevent contamination.
  2. Chemical Handling Areas: Ideal for areas where chemicals are handled, providing a reliable barrier against spills.
  3. Warehouses and Storage: Ensures spill containment in warehouses and storage spaces.
  4. Loading Docks: Effective in loading dock areas prone to spillage during cargo handling.
  5. Vehicle Workshops: Used in vehicle workshops to prevent oil and fluid spills from spreading.



  • Dimensions: 550mL x 205mmW x 75mmH


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 55.0 × 55.0 × 7.5 cm

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