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Need a manageable, affordable solution to construction related water pollution?

GeoBags may be the answer.

Dewater efficiently with our range of standard or custom sized Geobags.



Why should we use Geobags?

The benefits of using Geobags are overwhelming. Compared to permanently installed sediment control systems, Akuna’s Geobags are cost effective, manageable, flexible, and able to be used on just about any project. Best of all, they are highly effective at preventing pollutants from entering stormwater systems using geotechnically engineered textiles.

Also named dewatering bags or dewatering tubes, the Geobag acts as a filter which expels non-toxic water from slurry. The dewatering tube works by containing slurry, sedimented water, or other excavation waste which is pumped into the bag. Over several hours, the uncontaminated water will seep out of the bag. The solids will be left behind inside the bag for easy disposal. This is made possible by the geotextile fabric which the dewatering bag is made out of.

Where can Geobags be used?

GeoBags provide incredible versatility. They can manage the waste produced in a wide range of circumstances, including dredging, waste water treatment, mining, and construction. Because of their usefulness in both high volume and casual instances, they will vary in size and material.

Since every operation is different, Geobags can be custom designed to suit clients’ needs. Requirements will vary depending on the type of sediment to be filtered, whether filtering is gravity or pump driven, the flow rate into the bag, the size of particles to be allowed through the filter, the use of flocculants, the temperature of the slurry, how you will deal with the resulting waste and the term of the project.

Working with our fabrication team and design engineers, we are are on hand to help clients assess their specific project requirements. Our team can custom design a Geobag to suit any application using a range of woven or non woven geotextiles.

GeoBags will enhance your professional experience and your stormwater management with ease.

Contact Akuna Services to talk to discuss your project requirements.

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