Weighted Containment Boom 4m

$577.50 (inc. GST)


The Akuna Weighted Containment Boom 4m stands as an excellent choice for portable bunding offering a versatile approach to environmental compliance and spill preparedness. These portable booms serve as a precautionary measure against inadvertent spills and safeguard drain pits against contamination from spilled liquids. Their pliable nature allows for easy shaping around drain pits or the creation of a barrier to control liquid flow.


Key Features: 

  1. Dependable and Reusable: Crafted from chemical-resistant PVC and filled with gel for enhanced weight and sealing capability. Alternatives filled with sand or water are also available. 
  2. Connectivity: Ability to connect multiple units using the yellow PVC cuff, forming an extended containment boom. 
  3. Durable Construction: Enveloped in durable geotextile material to ensure a robust seal. 
  4. Adaptive Design: The Weighted Containment boom 4m adeptly conform around drain pits or the source of a leak, effectively directing or containing liquid spills.
  5. Ease of Transport: Designed for ease of transport and storage, adding to their practicality. 


Common Applications

  1. Preventing Pollution: Preventing liquid spills from entering stormwater drains, thus mitigating environmental pollution. 
  2. High-Risk Areas: Suitable for high-risk areas such as shopping centers where spills are more likely. 
  3. Washdown Areas: Ideal for washdown areas where liquid containment is crucial. 
  4. Practical Solution: Perfect for locations where permanent floor bunding is impractical due to their portability and adaptability. 



  • 4mL
  • 5 handles
  • 24kg
  • PVC insert with a robust 900gsm rating
  • Non-woven geotextile weighing 260gsm
  • Gel-filled for optimal performance
  • Equipped with handles for convenient handling



  • Water-filled
  • Sand-Filled


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Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 120.0 × 80.0 × 110.0 cm

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