If you do, then consider who is responsible for their upkeep.  Who actually opens the lid and takes a look inside the spill kits to check if they are full of the right absorbents? Or are they instead full of trash – the natural enemy of a wheelie bin spill kit?

If your site is like most, the responsibility of looking after the spill kits (restocking, reporting, monitoring) normally falls to the last man standing.  Whosoever should be the one who, when asked to step forward, fails to step back fast enough and is left as the unwitting volunteer.

On the other side of the same coin, organised and compliant sites will have a duly appointed and able person in whom is vested the onerous responsibility of restocking the spill kits and stores.  This may be an operations manager, WHS, Environmental or SHEQ manager and will often be delegated down the line.

In seriousness, this role within an organisation is critical.  Contemplate the consequences of a serious workplace spill of liquid if the site spill kits are not maintained or restocked regularly.

There are significant fines for environmental pollution.

Legislation exists that makes the presence of and maintenance of a spill kit compulsory.

Spill kits need to be in proximity to the main spill risk for a site to be compliant.  Whilst there is a grey area in regards what constitutes ‘proximity’ (is it the next door or the next suburb?), to be compliant you should evaluate the risk. To do this, look objectively at your site.  Where are the risk areas?  Is there a drain nearby?  Or a river, creek or channel?  What liquids are stored and used on your site? And what are the characteristics of the liquids?

All these factors should be considered for your site compliance.  These factors will also determine what TYPE of spill kit would be best suited for a specific site or location.  If you or your first respondents are unsure of the types of spill kits available, or find the task of replenishing your stocks a chore, consider engaging a third party to take the hassle out of spill kit management.

The maintenance of spill kits can be outsourced to specialist organisations such as Akuna Services.  Your staff can be trained in spill response and environmental site compliance can be made easy – or at least easier.

Through regular site visits you can be assured that your site is always ready to handle a workplace spill of liquids – as your kits and stores are regularly replenished. Contact us for a Spill Kit review and staff training session.