Spill Kits

Spill kits are used by organisations to help clean up environmental spills. They are required by local and state governments to assist with cleanup in the event of a spill.

What is a spill kit?

A spill kit consists of a container filled with various absorbent materials, gloves and contaminated waste bags. Spill kits are used to control, contain and clean up spills of hazardous liquids (oils, fuels, chemicals, paints, solvents, etc) or contaminated water in the workplace. The absorbents within the spill kit will be specific to the type of contaminate likely to be the spill risk where the spill kit is located.

Kits can be tailored to specific needs depending on the expected volume, location and type of spill.

How does a spill kit work?

A spill kit comes with absorbent materials, gloves and contaminated waste bags to collect the used absorbents for disposal. There are instructions in or on the spill kit that detail how to safely and correctly use the products inside and clean up a spill. The absorbents in the spill kit will be specific to the types of liquids likely to be spilled in the vicinity of the spill kit.

After each spill, the contents of the kit need to be restocked to ensure preparedness for the next spill incident.

How many spill kits are generally needed?

The number of kits needed will depend on the size of your contaminated site. A spill kit should not be installed more than 30 metres from the source of the spill. An assessment of your workplace will help to determine where the spill risks are, what the spill kit locations should be and how many you require..

What types of spill kits are there?

Akuna Services offers a range of standard spill kits that suit most scenarios including vehicle spill kits and transport spill kits. Our team can consult with you to create custom spill kit or spill response trailers as required.

Spill Kits

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