Spill Response Products

Spill response products play an important roll in environmental protection and site compliance. They are vital to your spill response preparedness and spill clean up. In many cases legislation requires organisations to have spill response products in place alongside a pollution incident response management plan so contaminants can be controlled and cleaned up in the event of an incident in your workplace or on your work site.

What are spill response products?

Spill response products are used to prevent, control or clean up a spill of contaminants. The goal is to prevent the spill from harming the environment. This includes soaking into the ground and reaching the waterway or entering the stormwater system. Spill response products may play the following role in spill management:

  • Control a spill to prevent it from travelling
  • Capture a potential or expected leak or spill
  • Absorb spilled liquid contaminants
  • Remove spilled contaminants from water

Here are some examples of scenarios where spill response products are required:

  • Rupture of a container
  • Tipping of a container
  • Leaks or spills during dispensing
  • Leaks from equipment during regular use
  • Leaks from equipment during repairs and maintenance
  • Securing an area to contain liquids that are expected to be released

How do you use spill response products?

Depending on what type of spill your have or are expecting, specific products have been designed to serve specific purposes. The goal is to protect people, assets and the environment including the stormwater system. Spill response products should be in place or ready in close proximity where a risk has been identified.

How do I know which spill response products to choose?

Your choice of product must take the following into consideration:

  • The type of contaminant
  • Compatibility of the contaminant with the spill response product
  • The expected volume of the spill
  • How quickly you can respond to the spill
  • Where the spill will occur
  • Do you need a temporary or permanent solution
  • Legislation regarding environmental protection and spill control in your region and for your industry.

Site compliance involves both the right advice and the right products. Strategies for the prevention of spills are critical for site compliance, as well as having the right products to absorb spills when they occur.

Akuna Services provides site specific recommendations for products and strategies to suit your risks.