Spills happen – regardless of how well prepared you are.

Perhaps from equipment failure, maybe human error or Mother Nature’s fury, we should all expect the unexpected and the prospect of a liquid spill in the workplace.

I hear you though… It’s never happened to you… right?  I hear that statement regularly, often just before something goes wrong.  I think the term is ‘pride goeth before a fall’.

But more than just being prepared for an accident, these days of WHS regulations, environmental management, lost time incidents, Workcover and regulatory oversight, does it not make sense to cover yourself legally as well as morally?

using absorbent booms pads for oil spill clean up on waterIndustrial sites across the country need to be prepared for the worst case scenario,  even though it may never have happened – yet.  But perhaps more importantly (and certainly potentially more expensively) you need to comply with environmental regulations.

Non compliance may prove costly!

Heavy fines and even jail time is a risk for non compliance, and ignorance is not an excuse that the courts will readily entertain.

The cost of regular training compares VERY favourably when compared to the potential penalties for non compliance.

What does spill response training cover?

  • What spill kit to use?
  • What products to use first?
  • What are the steps for a spill response?
  • Can I pass the buck?

All relevant questions that can be answered through training. Similar to WHS laws, your staff should be trained in the proper identification and use of equipment that they use on your site.  This training extends to spill readiness, with compliance often relying upon relevant staff being trained in correct spill kit and spill equipment operation.

Having a regular session to review your spill risks, spill response products and clean up procedures can really make a difference when the chips are down (or the oil they’re cooked in), and fines for water pollution are running high.

It’s your call, but I believe the investment in spill response training is worth it.