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Our Environment and You

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Before you read this article, we would like you to consider a philosophical question.  OR it may be an ethical one – depending upon your view. How important to you, personally, is protection of the environment? Rate it in importance from 1 (who cares) to 5 (very important to you). If you rated a ‘5’, now [...]

Environmental Compliance: Do you have spill kits or spill absorbents on your site?

By |2019-03-02T00:58:17+10:00May 8th, 2018|Categories: akuna services, environmental compliance, environmental responsibility, Spill kits, Spill response|Tags: , , , , , |

If you do, then consider who is responsible for their upkeep.  Who actually opens the lid and takes a look inside the spill kits to check if they are full of the right absorbents? Or are they instead full of trash – the natural enemy of a wheelie bin spill kit? If your site is like [...]

Keeping Our Drains & Waterways CLEAN

By |2018-04-29T00:19:11+10:00April 29th, 2018|Categories: akuna services, construction near waterways, environmental compliance, environmental responsibility, Silt Curtains|Tags: , , |

Keeping Our Drains & Waterways CLEAN CONSTRUCTION Controlling the movement of silt and sediment during any construction is a key part of the environmental compliance for the developer or contractor. Whether a major infrastructure project, commercial development or a home renovation, if you dig a hole or disturb the surface then there is a risk of [...]

How to clean up oil spills from the surface of water

By |2018-02-12T11:19:16+10:00February 12th, 2018|Categories: Absorbency Pads, Environmental, Floating booms, Oil Absorbency, Oil Spills|Tags: , , , , |

Have you ever had the situation where some oil or fuel spills into your swimming pool, or a pond? Perhaps you are working near the water and some oil has either leaked into or run into the water? Only recently we were contacted by a Sydney home owner whose pool had been the unfortunate recipient of a [...]