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Environmental Compliance: Do you have spill kits or spill absorbents on your site?

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If you do, then consider who is responsible for their upkeep.  Who actually opens the lid and takes a look inside the spill kits to check if they are full of the right absorbents? Or are they instead full of trash – the natural enemy of a wheelie bin spill kit? If your site is like [...]

Site Spill Kits and Response Training for Site Compliance

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Let’s start with a relevant question.  Do all your staff know the contents of - and how to use a spill kit? It may sound quite simple, and possibly something you have never even thought of, however the fact is that different types of spill kits may be better suited for specific site risks. Accidents will [...]

Preparing for a Hazardous Chemical Spill

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Depending on the industry you work in, it's highly likely that spills will occur from time-to-time, even with the right policies and procedures in place. But if you can identify and manage some basic risks involved with the hazardous chemicals present in your workplace, you are less likely to have these types of more toxic spills [...]

Using a Spill Kit According to Spill Management Procedures

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Having effective spill management procedures and spill kits in place is vital for industries including construction, civil engineering and manufacturing, as accidental spills can occur at any time. Even a spill of something seamingly harmless, such as milk or blood, can contaminate a waterway. Without the right procedures, any contaminating liquid can have a disastrous impact on [...]

Buying a Spill Kit – What to Look For

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Accidents in the workplace are inevitable, particularly when it comes to spills. The safest workplaces always presume there will be an accident and plan ahead accordingly for when spills happen. A spill kit is vital in the manufacturing and industrial industries, it is also a necessity in construction, civil engineering and government workplaces. When buying [...]

The Three Main Types of Spill Kits

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No matter if it is an office environment, a factory, or a warehouse, accidents happen in every work place. Most organisations are armed with fire wardens, the most contemporary first aid kits and first aid trained staff. However, not all offices are armed with spill kits, and they should be. Contrary to popular belief, spill [...]

Oil Spill Kit Contents Are Different From General or Chemical

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Oil spill kit contents are used to clean oil and fuel (hydrocarbon) spills in the workplace. Oil and fuel spills are serious. They can harm the environment, increase the risk of falls and accidents, produce harmful gases and may start a fire. Oil spill kit contents are different from those coordinated for other types of [...]

How to Use Spill Kit Contents to Clean Up a Spill

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Environmental protection is mandatory across all types of fields and industries, with local and state governments regulating site compliance. Spill kits have an important role in ensuring these government standards are adhered to in the workplace. What is a spill kit? While these can vary depending on business needs, a spill kit is generally comprised [...]