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Site Spill Kits and Response Training for Site Compliance

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Let’s start with a relevant question.  Do all your staff know the contents of - and how to use a spill kit? It may sound quite simple, and possibly something you have never even thought of, however the fact is that different types of spill kits may be better suited for specific site risks. Accidents will [...]

Do we need a spill kit?

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Do we need a spill kit? The fact is that most industrial, commercial and manufacturing sites around Australia would need a spill kit of some sort.  Even Government operations - like council depots - need the protection of a spill kit to handle liquid spills. Accidents happen. The fact that your site has never had a [...]

Storm Water Compliance

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How to keep debris out of your storm water drains. Do the storm water drains on your site lead to a creek, river, canal or waterway?  Perhaps they lead directly to the storm water system in your area. Storm water drains are a very common entry point for water pollution to get into our waterways.  Anything [...]