When was the last time you checked beneath the grates of the drains across your site?

It may be an occupational hazard, but I find myself taking a peek into unsuspecting drain pits wherever I go.  Looking at the depth of the pit, looking at the condition of the grate, any products that are already installed to protect from pollution, checking for debris and trash that are lying at the bottom of the pit, waiting for the next rainfall to wash them into our storm water system and, as they say in ‘Finding Nemo’, into our rivers and oceans.

I generally wonder whose responsibility it is on that specific site to monitor the drains and storm water entry points.  Who has the task of doing what I do, that is looking at the drains to identify potential problems and potential risks to our environment.  Who makes the decision to make environmental compliance a process, rather than a burden.

So, let’s get back to the original question.  When was it that you last checked your drain pits?  Who, on your site, has that responsibility?

Bearing in mind that if the environmental authorities come knocking and THEY check the drains, it will be the management that wears the cap of responsibility – not just the workers.

Now think who has the time to regularly check into drain pits?  (Who wants to?).  You can make life easier by engaging an external company to visit every few months and monitor, clean and maintain your storm water pits.  It is inexpensive and worthwhile.

Take the hassle out of site compliance by talking to objective and reputable companies who can assist.