Chain Safety Booms

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Since 1998, Bolina Chain Safety Booms have played a crucial role in confining and safeguarding watercraft at risk of losing power or control. These booms effectively prevent vessels from entering hazardous areas like weirs or sluices. Easy to assemble using basic tools, these safety booms can be customized to various lengths. However, due to their substantial weight and size, manual lifting is impossible, ensuring restricted access underneath.

Effectiveness in Stopping Craft:

  • The booms effectively halt all watercraft, ranging from 5 to 32 tons, and with speeds varying between 3 and over 7 knots.
  • Rigorous collision testing has confirmed their effectiveness.

Safety Features:

  • Grab Handles: Incorporated onto the steel tubes between the floats, these handles serve a vital purpose. They allow individuals who find themselves in the water to reach safety.
  • Buoyancy Assurance: The internal closed-cell polyurethane foam filling ensures that the floats maintain full buoyancy. Even in the unlikely event of damage to the outer float skin due to a heavy collision, they remain virtually unsinkable.

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