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Our environmental compliance industry experience has allowed us to develop expertise in providing adaptable solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our products and services aim to reduce environmental impact, lower cleanup costs, and improve your reputation.

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Spill Control

Akuna offers wide product selection that satisfies your environmental compliance requirements.

Spill Containment (Land)

Spills on land can have profound and lasting impacts on the environment, public health, and safety. Whether it’s chemicals, oils, fuels, or hazardous substances, effective containment and management are essential.

Spill Containment (Water)

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the urgency surrounding waterborne spills, we’ve developed a comprehensive range of spill containment products and services that set the industry standard.

Stormwater Management

Controlling what goes into our stormwater system is crucial. At Akuna, we understand the importance of safeguarding our environment and public health by managing what enters and preventing harmful pollutants and debris from reaching natural water sources.

Silt & Sediment Control

Akuna Silt Curtain, also known as a turbidity curtain, is a specialised environmental protection barrier used in construction, dredging, and shoreline projects near water bodies.

Marine Barriers

Safety and Security Barriers for the protection of critical infrastructure and other high-security areas

Akuna provides confidence and peace of mind. Our expert team will help you seamlessly manage your environmental compliance responsibilities.

Why Akuna

Australian Owned

Akuna is Australian owned company based in NSW servicing Australia Nationwide. 

Environmental Responsibility

Minimise the ecological impact of vehicle maintenance and cleaning operations by promptly and effectively containing spills.

Safety Assurance

Protect your employees, local communities, and the environment from the hazards posed by dangerous substances.

Industries we serve

Akuna provides a range of specialised environmental products and services tailored for various industries, including mining, industrial, defense, marine and offshore, transport, government and council, workshops and factories, as well as oil and gas. Each product and service is designed to meet specific technical requirements and industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with environmental regulations.

Mining &



& offshore


& council

& factories

Oil & gas

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Highly Recommended Training!

I have no hesitation in recommending the Spill Response Training. It was conducted in a professional order and completed in a cost effective and timely manner. We received positive feedback from our employees  who attended the training. They liked the attention to detail and the delivery. The employees found the experience to be very interactive and informative.

Local Council Operations Centre

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