Log Screen Booms

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Bolina Log Screen Booms are crucial for safeguarding power generation in some of the world’s largest hydro dams, where extensive floating debris poses serious risks. These mesh screens interconnect seamlessly, effectively trapping debris while maintaining flexibility. They’re easily attached to booms via swivel connectors and can adapt to changing water levels with customisable end connections.

  • The boom’s exceptional strength is derived from its distinctive tubular backbone and Bolina lug connections, all achieved without exerting stress on the fully demountable floats.
  • Engineered for continuous motion and capable of withstanding heavy loads, these booms are designed to excel in challenging conditions.
  • Crafted from UV-stabilised polyethylene, the floats are filled with solid PU foam, providing remarkable resistance to impacts. In the rare event of damage, punctures, or cracks, the floats maintain complete buoyancy, ensuring their reliability even under adverse circumstances

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