Modular Debris Booms

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The Bolina Modular Debris Booms are perfect for temporary tasks, such as clearing aquatic weeds from drainage channels and trimming grass banks. They can be effortlessly deployed across water bodies in different lengths to gather floating debris for removal and disposal. Each 3m module comes with a straightforward connection plate at both ends, allowing additional modules to be easily bolted on for extending the boom to the desired length.

Equipped with stainless steel eye-bolts at each end, these booms can be securely anchored in place or trailed behind a weed boat using ropes, wires, or chains. We offer various end connections to secure the ends of the Bolina Modular Debris Booms as per your requirements.

  • The 3m long modular debris booms are easily transportable and deployable by two individuals.
  • Their design, featuring a flush upstream face, ensures self-clearing when installed at an appropriate angle to the current. This allows debris to be conveniently collected or diverted away from critical areas.
  • Highly resistant to abrasion, chafe, and impact damage, the booms are engineered for minimal maintenance needs.
  • Buoyancy floats are positioned behind the curtain on the downstream side, offering maximum protection against potential damage.

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