Permanent Pollution Booms

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Bolina Permanent Pollution Booms are the original floating debris barriers designed with a fully flush face for automatic debris deflection. They’re utilised to control pollution and prevent critical infrastructure from blockages. Bolina Permanent Pollution Booms guarantee long-term safety and effectiveness

  • The design ensures self-clearing of the booms when installed at an appropriate angle to the current flow, facilitating convenient debris collection or deflecting debris away from sluices or intakes to prevent blockages.
  • The distinctive flush front of the curtain, highly resistant to abrasion, chafe, and impact damage, prevents debris from becoming lodged. Buoyancy floats are secured behind the curtain on the downstream side, offering maximum protection against potential damage.
  • The construction of the booms is straightforward, and they are available in lengths tailored to meet precise client specifications.

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