Traffic Control Booms

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Bolina Traffic Control Booms serve as an effective safety barrier, preventing the passage of even the smallest watercraft. They are well-suited for a variety of applications, such as nearshore areas, waterways, marinas, private water bodies, and nature reserves. These booms can be quickly assembled using basic tools, and their weight and size deter manual lifting for unauthorized passage underneath. With fixed freeboard and buoyancy, the tubes consistently remain above the water surface, preventing submersion of the floats and ensuring watercraft cannot cross over. The Bolina Traffic Control Boom system allows for easy and frequent opening and closing, functioning like a lockable gate.

  • Internal closed-cell polyurethane foam filling guarantees full buoyancy, even if the outer float skin is damaged due to a heavy collision, making them virtually unsinkable.
  • Floats are moulded in one piece and cannot be split.
  • High-quality polyethylene outer skin exhibits exceptional resistance to UV light damage and prevents colour fade over time, making it suitable for use in high UV environments.

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