Absorbents are a necessity for any workplace using or handling liquids. The SpilMax range of polypropylene spill absorbents are suitable for the clean-up and containment of all types of liquids. In order to offer versatility for clean up in various spill scenarios, there are 4 absorbent options:

  • Pads – Use a single pad under a leak or on top of a drum. Spread many pads over a spill for rapid absorption.
  • Pillows – Place under slow leaks and drips for workplace safety.
  • Booms – Prevent your spill from spreading while absorbing what comes in contact with the boom.
  • Wipes – For cleaning up small spills and wiping down equipment.

How to choose the right absorbent

The absorbent products are colour coded so you can identify what types of liquid they will absorb. Hydrocarbon absorbents are white. They are used to clean up hydrocarbon spills such as oils and fuels. Because these are hydrophobic they will not absorb water. Universal products are grey. These are general purpose and will absorb a wide range of liquids including oils, fuels, water, coolant, general workplace chemicals and common agricultural chemicals. Chemical absorbents are yellow. They are used for hazardous chemical spills such as strong oxides, acids and caustics.