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Akuna Debris Boom, often referred to as a trash boom, an essential tool for effective pollution control and containment in various waterways, including ponds, rivers, channels, and canals. By strategically positioning a floating Debris Boom, you create a powerful barrier that diverts gross pollutants, effectively acting as a ‘trash trap’ for accessible containment and collection from the waterway.


Key Features:

  1. Efficient Containment: A well-placed Debris Boom diverts floating pollutants, making it easier to control, collect, and recover contaminants from both stormwater systems and natural waterways.
  2. Versatile Application: This boom offers flexibility, suitable for both temporary and permanent installation, providing a practical gross pollutant containment solution.
  3. Robust Construction: Akuna Debris Booms are constructed with top-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliable performance in varied water conditions.


Common Applications:

  1. Ponds: Keeping tranquil waters free from floating debris and pollutants.
  2. Rivers: Managing and containing gross pollutants in flowing water environments.
  3. Channels and Canals: Preventing the spread of unwanted debris in channel networks.
  4. Stormwater Systems: Effective pollution control in stormwater management.



  • 15mL, 300mm Net Skirt, 150X150mm Float
  • 610gsm PVC or 1020gsm Elvaloy casings
  • Crumble resistant closed cell foam flotation
  • Superior 370gsm UV stabilised high density knitted HDPE skirt
  • 6mm galvanised continuous chain ballast in pocket
  • Universal ASTM F962 z-connectors
  • Custom materials as required
  • Tidal risers and anchor packages available
  • Custom designs available


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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 140.0 × 120.0 × 70.0 cm

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