Drain Warden with Bilge Boom

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The Akuna Drain Warden operates like a gross pollutant trap, safeguarding stormwater systems. It allows water flow while stopping contaminants. It captures coarse sediments and debris from runoff, and when used with the absorbent bilge boom, it effectively removes hydrocarbons, oils, and fuels.


Key Features:

  1. Efficient Design: The Drain Warden is crafted from a polypropylene nonwoven geotextile fabric, acting as a filter that traps particles over 90 microns. An absorbent mini boom inside the basin captures hydrocarbons, oils, and fuels.
  2. Effective Operation: Runoff water ‘swirls’ inside the Drain Warden, directing hydrocarbons to the hydrophobic boom beneath the grate. Particles larger than the fabric’s pore size are captured. Overflow pockets handle heavy rainfall flows.
  3. Versatile Applications: Ideal for locations prone to leaf litter, debris, coarse sediment, surface oil, and grease flow into stormwater drains, such as car parks, delivery docks, service areas, and industrial plants.


Common Applications:

  • Car Parks: Protects against pollutants from vehicles and surface runoff.
  • Delivery Docks: Prevents contaminants from entering stormwater systems during loading and unloading operations.
  • Service Areas: Safeguards against debris and pollutants in areas where maintenance activities occur.
  • Industrial Plants: Shields stormwater systems from potential pollutants generated by industrial processes.




  • 1.3mW x 1.3mL
  • 600mm deep
  • 260gsm non woven geotextile
  • 90 micron pore size
  • Flow rate 80L/m2/sec



  • 2L hydrocarbon capacity
  • 125mm Dia x 300mmL
  • Retrieval cord
  • Polypropylene


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50.0 × 40.0 × 12.0 cm

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