Port Security Booms

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Bolina Port Security Booms are purpose-built to prevent watercraft from approaching sensitive operational zones, featuring a user-friendly design for easy assembly. The installation process is simplified with clear instructions, whether undertaken independently or through our full-service option, with our team ready to provide assistance and support.

Our booms offer additional security features, such as rotating steel spikes to deter boats from attempting to breach gaps between the floats. They also come with our patented latching system, enabling automatic opening and closing for added convenience.

  • Proven effectiveness at the London 2012 Olympics and NATO Summits.
  • Tubular backbone design provides immense strength, capable of withstanding loads exceeding 50 tons.
  • Internal closed-cell polyurethane foam filling ensures full buoyancy, even if the outer float skin is damaged.
  • High-quality polyethylene outer skin offers exceptional resistance to UV light and prevents colour fade over time, perfect for high UV environments.

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