Rope Safety Booms

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The Bolina Rope Safety Booms stands as an essential asset in safeguarding against floods and ensuring smooth navigation. Their primary objective revolves around the protection of human lives, watercraft, and infrastructure. Crafted with precision, these booms adhere to the stringent standards mandated by the UK Environment Agency, a testament to their reliability.

Comprising spaced guard piles, the booms feature floats that uphold two ropes, maintaining consistent freeboard and air draft levels. What sets them apart is their innovative float design, which permits up to two individuals in distress to clamber aboard without the assistance of ladders. Concurrently, the ropes serve as a lifeline, empowering distressed individuals to reach the safety of the shore unassisted.

Operating quietly and with adaptability, these floats effortlessly adjust to fluctuating water levels, ensuring effective performance. Enhanced visibility is ensured through the incorporation of reflective panels, enabling them to be easily spotted from all upstream angles, even in challenging conditions.

  • The booms effectively halt vessels with a minimum breaking load of 40 tonnes.
  • The internal closed-cell polyurethane foam filling guarantees that the float retains full buoyancy, even in the rare event of damage to the outer float skin due to a severe collision, rendering them virtually unsinkable.
  • The high-quality polyethylene material utilized exhibits exceptional resistance to the harmful impacts of UV light, ensuring minimal colour fading over time, making it well-suited for use in environments with high UV exposure.


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