Let’s start with a relevant question.  Do all your staff know the contents of – and how to use a spill kit?

It may sound quite simple, and possibly something you have never even thought of, however the fact is that different types of spill kits may be better suited for specific site risks.

Accidents will happen. Spills will occur. Your staff need to understand the basics.

Site spill kits and spill response equipment is an important part of your site safety procedures – and site compliance.  When your site has a spill, and at some stage the odds are that it will happen, it is important that all first respondents understand the use of the resources at their disposal. After all – only rain water can enter a drain.

Appropriately, the requirement for relevant training extends to storm water quality improvement products.  Your site may have installed products in their drains, they may have purchased spill kits, but the maintenance and ongoing management of these items are critical for continual environmental compliance.

Many sites adopt apathy as their defense position, assuming that all spill kits are the same and all relevant staff will know how to use them when the time comes.  Unfortunately my experience shows the opposite.  Site staff do not understand spill kits. Most do not understand the different types of spill kits available and which may be better suited to their site.  Most people do not understand the correct procedures for spill clean-up – using the spill kit.

Spill kit training is a critical part of site compliance – ensuring all your staff are prepared to be first respondent.

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