Oil Containment Booms

Floating oil containment booms are an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain oil spills or floating debris. This containment will allow the spilt oil or debris to be recovered in a concentrated form. Our range of Chatoyer oil containment booms are manufactured in Australia, and suitable for a range of marine environments and conditions and are made in varying heights, styles and lengths.

Oil Containment Booms come in a variety of forms to meet the needs of different scenarios. They range from easy to deploy, light weight models, to large, robust unit for deployment offshore requiring vessels and cranes. Designs fall into two main styles:

  • Fence Booms: have a flat cross section and held vertically in the water with fabricated struts within the boom
  • Containment Boom: these simpler booms provide a continuous subsurface skirt with a large, voluminous buoyancy section

Characteristics of Oil Containment Booms

The most important characteristic of a boom is how well it performs in containing oil or deflection capability, determined by its behaviour in relation to water movement.

Akuna Services sells a solid flotation boom ideal for near shore, inner harbour or open harbour conditions. They come in both a standard flotation boom and a Fence Boom. The choice of which boom is right for you can be determined by understanding:

  • where is the boom to be deployed?
  • what will need to be contained by the boom?
  • is storage and speed of deployment important?

We have experience working with government agencies and ensuring the correct advice is received with respect to a suitable boom of your scenario.