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Akuna Fence Booms are versatile and efficient solutions to protect waterways from oil spills and debris. Our innovative barrier is meticulously crafted to perform flawlessly in any water condition. Its advanced design ensures that it works seamlessly in diverse water environments.


Key Features:

  1. Superior Design for All Your Needs: Our Fence Booms design guarantees stability, easy storage, deployment, and retrieval. 
  2. Made for Calm & Sheltered Waters: The PVC fence-style construction of our boom is engineered to stand tall and resolute in calm and sheltered water. 
  3. Custom Sizes Available: Choose from 15-meter lengths to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.
  4. Quick and Secure Connections: Optional toggle pins provide a hassle-free way to connect our booms rapidly, ensuring a swift response when it matters most.



  • Size: 15mL x 615mmH, 185mm Freeboard, 430mm Draft
  • Durable Material: Heavy-duty 900gsm PVC, built to withstand tough conditions.
  • UV Resistance: Lasts up to 5 years, providing reliable protection against sun damage.
  • Supportive Webbing: Extra strength for flotation and ballast, ensuring durability.
  • Built-in Handles: Easy to maneuver and position in the water.
  • Marine Battens: Enhanced stability keeps the boom upright and effective.
  • Standard Connectors: Uses ASTM F962 z-connectors for seamless integration with existing equipment.
  • Customisation: Available in a variety of colours and materials to meet your specific needs.



  • Storage Bags: Keep your booms organised and ready for use.
  • Towing Bridle: Ensures secure towing and positioning.
  • Tidal Riser: Adapts easily to changing water levels.
  • Anchoring: Stabilises your boom in challenging conditions.
  • Reels: Conveniently store and transport your booms for easy access.


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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 140.0 × 80.0 × 61.5 cm

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