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Eye Wash and Safety Shower Inspection

Our team has been trained by a leading manufacturer of emergency eye wash and safety shower equipment. We are qualified to both inspect and tag your equipment.


Eye wash and safety showers are essential to provide immediate decontamination after exposure to a hazardous substance, delivering a rapid and reliable response to sudden and critical accidents in the workplace. Having the equipment is not enough, however, and a scheduled eye wash and safety shower maintenance system should be in place to ensure your workplace remains compliant. Improper eye wash and safety shower maintenance can lead to infection from dust, stagnant water and contaminates. This creates risk of legal action for breaching regulations.

Regulatory compliance for eye wash and safety shower inspection

Australian Standard AS4775-2007 sets out the minimum performance and use requirements for eye wash and safety shower equipment maintenance, performance, use, installation, training of users and relevant test procedures.

Under AS4775-2007, flow rates and equipment must be checked and tagged as compliant annually to mark successful completion of the inspection. The Standard includes instructions for testing of equipment, monthly sanitation testing and annual water flow rate testing.

Eye wash and safety shower inspection routines

A regular inspection routine is part of an eye wash and safety shower maintenance routine. This inspection ensures your equipment has clean, potable water and is functioning correctly.

The following equipment should also be tested as part of the routine eye wash and safety shower inspection:

  • Safety showers
  • Eyewash equipment
  • Eyewash bottles
  • Self-contained eye wash equipment

AS4775-2007 requires annual inspections and sets specific measuring and performing criteria for water flow rates, water temperatures, spray patterns, dimensions and accessibility.

These eye wash and safety shower maintenance annual inspections should be conducted by a reliable brand to guarantee conformance with AS4775-2007. An annual 38-point inspection and maintenance compliance ensures all aspects of operation are maintained to give your workplace reliable and effective eye wash and safety showers.

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