Have you ever had the situation where some oil or fuel spills into your swimming pool, or a pond?

Perhaps you are working near the water and some oil has either leaked into or run into the water?

Only recently we were contacted by a Sydney home owner whose pool had been the unfortunate recipient of a quantity of oil.  The oil was floating in the water, and they could not run the filter until the oil spill was cleaned out of the pool.

The pool scoop was of no use on its own, as the liquid flowed straight through.

Fortunately there are a couple of products, by Akuna Services, that can help.

If you were to use a ‘rag’ to soak up the spill, then most of your absorbency will be taken by the water.  Even general purpose absorbents will soak up the water at the same or faster rate than the oil spill, making them less than effective in this situation.

Akuna Services sell oil and fuel absorbent pads and booms.

These are treated so they will not take up any water, and can float on the surface of the water to take off the oil or fuel spill.

The absorbent pads are a 400gsm (white) polypropylene pad, and will absorb around 1 litre or so of oil or fuel (subject to the liquid).  These can be placed on the water surface and pushed around with a pole to absorb as much of the spill as possible.

In the swimming pool problem, our advice was to buy a small quantity of the absorbent pads, line the inside of the pool scoop with the oil & fuel pads, then ‘sweep’ the water.  It worked, and we saved the pool owner a potentially large repair bill for the pool equipment if the oil had entered the filter.

The floating booms are also very effective, being larger than the pads.

These are also treated to absorb ONLY oil and fuel, and with connecting clips they can be joined together to create a larger boom.

The booms were used very effectively recently on a pond where oil had entered a small reservoir from the surrounding storm water drains.  By floating the booms on the water and moving the boom around the pond, the oil was absorbed with no detrimental effect to the water quality in the pond.

Call Akuna Services today to discuss oil spills on water or ponds.